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October 15, 2015

A Sudden Burst of Inspiration

Maybe it's because of the move or maybe because I have too much time on my hands but I am all of a sudden inspired to do more, learn more, read more, see more, blog more and so much more! As F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote: "Life starts all over when it gets crisp in the fall",  perhaps this is the fuel of my sudden inspiration. All I know is I want to enjoy the last of my free time before my new job starts and I fall back into a routine and don't have the time to do this.

Here is a list of my current inspirations:

1. Cleanse - You forget about how much sh*t you have until you have to unpack and place all this sh*t somewhere. It is a goal to simplify my life and rid my new home of the 'things' I don't need.

2. Read Every Night - Before I fall asleep at night I have a terrible habit of searching on Instagram or Pinterest and feel I waste so much time doing this. I would love to disconnect a bit and read more. I know this will be a healthy habit that will help me grow, learn and open my mind.

3. Cooking and Cook Books - Pinterest has totally changed the cooking game and I miss pulling recipes and ideas out of a cook book. It is my goal to cook more and try many different recipes and get out of the typically meal rotation that we are used to. I know Ken will love this too!

4. Paint - I want to start exploring a new type of art - something I haven't really tried before. I think oil painting is absolutely beautiful and and I would love to start here. My brother is a talented artist and loves to paint. Looks like I will be calling him for tips and ideas so I can get started.

5. Explore - I couldn't think of a better time to explore this city and state with the beautiful fall colors and without the crowds. I have made a list of all I want to see, eat and explore before I go back to work. I need to get moving on this one before it gets too cold.

6. Tighten Up - I'm ready to get back into a workout routine and drop the extra pounds I gained while I was eating out every night during my weeks of being homeless, traveling, living out of hotels and unpacking.

Let's hope the inspiration stays and that I follow through with all this.