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October 20, 2015

Drinking the Kool-aid

I am falling in love with Minnesota and bought a cute shirt to prove it. Today marks three weeks since our move and I can confidently say we are completely unpacked and settled in. With the extra free time I've had since moving in, I have been exploring Minneapolis and getting to know the city. As I try to familiarize myself with Minneapolis and the culture here, I've created stereotypes to help me explain to Michigan friends what this city is all about.

Here's a list of my first impressions / stereotypes of Minneapolis:

1. Walk / Run the Lakes: Find a local lake and walk or run it daily.
-As I explore the lakes around Minneapolis, there is one thing always in common, there is constantly people walking around these lakes at all times of the day. The walking paths here are completely designated to walkers / runners so you don't have to worry about for bikers, skaters, rollerbladers, etc. passing you. So be sure to walk or run in a beautiful, peaceful lakes.
*Minneapolis was voted #5 Most Walkable City in the U.S.

2. Bike Everywhere: Take advantage of the incredible bike-friendly city.
- You truly don't need a car in this city because of the interact and well-designed city bike system. You can get anywhere in the city quickly and safely by biking to it. Since I moved here, I have spent more time learning the bike lanes than the highways because of how thought-out this bike system / bike community is. Invest in a great city bike, you will use it every day.
*Minneapolis was voted #2 Most Bike-Friendly City in the U.S.

3. Must Love Beer: Drink local and drink often.
-Leaving Grand Rapids, A.K.A 'Beer City USA' I thought I was leaving behind some of the best breweries in the states. However, the beer scene here is quite a bit better than Grand Rapids' beer scene. There are many local breweries here and they are so damn good! The only down fall is they are always packed. But, the delicious brews are always worth the wait.

4. Eat Out: It's funny, when I ask locals what their favorite thing to do around Minneapolis, they will simply say, 'eating'. Going to local eateries is more than just a means of survival here, it's a way of life. But hey, how can I blame them? The streets here are lined with local restaurants and there is even a famous street called, Eat Street properly named for the numerous local eateries. Ken and I have designated every Tuesday night to Date Night so we can eat our way through Minneapolis.

5. Wear Active Wear: If you're a lady, active wear is your daily outfit.
- Minneapolis is filled with the active-outdoorsy type of folks. It's great to see everyone so out and about. Before the move, I did see Minneapolis was voted the healthiest city in the U.S. Must be because of stereotype 1 and 2. Regardless if these gals here are always as active as they look, they are always dressed for the occasion. I will let this video sum up the rest for you.

6. Find a Good Group of Friends: Rule number one, find a good group of friends before you hunker down for winter.
-I have obviously not yet experienced a Minnesota winter, but from what it sounds like, you will need a core group of friends to survive the bitter cold winters. I am slightly worried about this considering how close to winter we moved here. I am working hard to find this group.

7. Join a Co-Op: Your fancy grocery store and club all in one.
-I didn't know what a Co-Op was when I moved here, but seeing them all over the place I had to ask my real estate agent for the deets. Turns out, it's like a locally-sourced Cost-Co where you have to pay a yearly fee but you're shopping local and joining a network / group by shopping there. Along with fresh, locally-sourced food, you get to meet locals and do events with them at your Co-Op. I'm sold on the idea and think I am going to join one soon.

Those are my stereotypes so far. Either way, I think I fit in pretty well and am loving being a Minneapolis Local.

Adorable Minnesota Shirt:
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