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November 27, 2015

The Gift of Adventure

12 Best Gifts for the Adventure-Seeker on your List

"Actually, the best gift you could have
 given her was a lifetime of adventure." 
- Lewis Carroll
Alice in Wonderland

It's time to change our perception of gift giving; from sweaters, purses, jewelry and other wasteful gifts we don't need - to adventurous gifts that will provide years of exploring and memories. Here are our top 12 gift ideas for the adventure-seeker in your life. 

1.  Hammock - A hammock is the ultimate symbol of relaxation but when used properly, it's also a symbol of adventure. For example, if you're going camping and don't want to pitch a tent, choose a hammock with a net or full zip top to make your hammock a tent. Also, you can hook a tent up to your Vanagon for lounging around your domain. Ken and I prefer Grand Trunk hammocks.  
Cost: Around $100

2. Slackline - The adventure line you can take anywhere. A slackline is one of the most unexpected fun and most used equipment you will ever own. Take it to friends, the lake, a BBQ, your camp site and anywhere else you're going with trees. We love Slackline Industries and Gibbon Slackline
Cost: $80 - $120

3. Snowshoes - The people who hate winter are those who don't have winter hobbies. Change your perception of snow and winter with a new, fun hobby that is easy to use and can be taken anywhere. Ken and I are partial to Tubbs Snowshoes. Run, walk, climb and play in the snow all winter long with snowshoes. 
Cost: Around $100

4. National Parks Passport - Start planning your National Parks visits around the states and have fun documenting where you have been with this National Parks Passport. Make memories that will last for a lifetime in our National Parks.
Cost: $8.95

5. Weekend Getaway - Find a cabin in the woods or a lodge in a town or city you or your significant other has always wanted to visit. Book a weekend getaway using VRBO (Vacation Rental by Owner) that will provide a unique experience anywhere you choose. What I love most about VRBO is you can find that perfect cabin in the woods or the modern high rise in a big city. By finding the perfect place, you set the tone of the vacation / adventure you're giving. 
Cost: Around $250

6. The Napsack - A favorite gift I recently received was this Napsack from Poler Stuff. If you enjoy camping or spending time in the outdoors, you will love this Napsack. Treat it like a sleeping bag for sleeping then unzip the arm holes and roll up the legs to make your mornings and evenings a little more cozy, warm and comfortable.
Cost: 135.95

7. Technical Outdoor Clothing - Don't let winter stop you from getting outdoors. Outfit a loved one in technical outdoor clothing that can help them do what they love all year long. Whether it's running, biking, hunting, hiking, surfing, exploring, etc. Smartwool and Patagonia is your go-to for the best year-round clothes. Gift ideas: Base layers, hats / gloves, wetsuits, vests, etc. 
Cost: Around $100

8. Skydiving Lessons and Jump - Hello, Adventure and Adrenaline! Find a place near you and give the gift of skydiving lessons and a tandem jump for someone you love. A gift that they will definitely remember for a lifetime.
Cost: Roughly $300

9. A GoPro - Capture your travels, your adventures with a GoPro! Take photos and videos that you can share, post and use to remember your trips. Chose a camera and accessories to fit your loved ones favorite adventure style.
Cost: $299 - 499

10. Fat Bike - Whether your purchasing a Fat Bike or renting one, this truly is the most fun experience you will ever have on a bike. After trying Fat Biking for the first time this year, I quickly fell in love with the year-round rugged experience you get on these bikes. Take your biking to the next level and try something new this year with a Fat Bike. My favorite Fat Bike, Surly Ice Cream Truck.
Cost: $800 - 3,000

11. Patagonia SnowDrifter Pack - This is the backpack that will fit all your adventure-seekers needs. The perfect travel bag, weekend bag, adventure bag and ski/snowboard bag for those who like to skin up on back country skis or a split-board. The bag is also pretty damn sexy and a great gift.
Cost: $129

12. Plane Tickets - The world is yours to see. Choose any place in the world where you and your partner or best friend want to see and give the ultimate adventure gift, the gift of travel. Ken and I always choose Delta for our flights.
Cost: Around $350

Happy Black Friday and choose to give The Gift of Adventure!

November 13, 2015

Hobbies and Talents

How are we supposed to know what we're truly good at if we only expose ourselves to so few things in life?

Hobbies and talents, my favorite topics. This is what pushes me out of my comfort zone and drives me to try, fail and discover every single day. I am in search of my hidden talent, on a mission to find something I excel in and something that defines me. 

For over 2 years I have been signing up for new activities / hobbies and doing my best to dig deep and reveal a talent or passion that's hidden within me. I have tried sailing, kickboxing, painting, cooking, bodybuilding, blogging and more. While I have throughly enjoyed my time entertaining these activities and meeting some amazing people on the way, I have still not found my talent.

Last night, I yet again found a new hobby to keep me busy; this time, it's calligraphy. While I am not sure if this will be a hobby or if I will find this to be my talent through calligraphy, I am enjoying every stroke and detail for the time being. 

November 1, 2015

Pop-Up Americana

Northern Grade, the American-made products / goods revolving market made it's way home to Minneapolis this weekend, and we were there to be a part of it.

The market was full of artists and craftsman of all kind. From fashion, painting, photography, leather, shoes, jewelry, bags and more, the market brought in consumers from all over the Twin Cities. We enjoyed meeting artists and hearing the stories behind the goods.

It's a great thing to see these like-minded consumers explore, discover and support local artists and craftsman and the community created around it. Yes, you could call these consumers 'hipsters' perhaps, but they are the ones standing proud and true to a movement that will build America and they will have unique products that will last. Such a cool event to see and be a part of.