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December 5, 2015

The Napsack

Aside from how awesome the Napsack looks, here are 3 Reasons why you need a Napsack of your very own...

1. Practicality - If you enjoy camping, vanlife, campfires, or any other outdoor adventure activites; you will love this versatile napsack that will transform from sleeping bag to warm full body snuggy with just an adjustable cord found at the bottom of your sack. This is my new sleeping bag in the van but also what I use instead of a blanket while reading or watching TV at home.

2. Functionality - Rated for weather at  approximately 50 degrees, this great looking sack will keep you warm through many seasons. Also, with the zippered arm holes you can take this great piece from a sleeping bag to a full body vest OR synch the bottom of the sleeping bag and voilĂ  you have yourself the perfect cold-weather body coat. Don't forget about the hood  or the convenient cell phone pocket on the chest.

3. Looks-uality - It just looks good! The Napsack comes in 9 different colors, including a badass Pendleton print so you can show off your personal style. You will absolutely fall in love with this sack and it will be your go-to for all outdoor activities and adventures. It is also the most perfect gift for the adventurous individual on your holiday list.

Spreading Camp Vibes with Poler Stuff and the Napsack.