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January 10, 2016

The Burton Coalition

An Iconic Mashup 

There are two collaborations in the snowboard world right now that have men into original purpose brands very excited. It’s the coalition between Burton Snowboard and the iconic brands of Red Wing and Filson that have snowboarders in awe. All three brands are pioneers in their own category; Burton, the creator and leader in all things snowboard, Red Wing, the king of all boots and creator of the finest shoe leather and Filson, the original Outdoor men’s clothing company. While staying true to each of their identities, the brands come together creating the ultimate collaboration. 

Looking at the Filson x Burton snow jackets and pants and the Red Wing x Burton leather boots, each brand is truthfully and loyally represented without sacrificing identity, quality or materials. 

The detail in Filson Waxed-Canvas jacket and pants is made with Filson's signature fabrics, design, buttons and detail. Let's be honest, if Michigan-homeboy, Danny Davis is rockin' it - you should be too! Take a moment to get a better look at the Filson x Burton Frontier Jacket and Filson x Burton Hellbrook Pant and admire the detail in both pieces.

Now, let's look at those Red Wing Boots. Made with the finest, made in the USA leather and trademark features, these waterproof boots aren't just designed for performance but brings in a bit of classic workboot styling. Take a look at the Red Wing x Burton Ion Leather Snowboard Boot for yourself here

January 8, 2016

5 Tips to Plan the Perfect Ski / Snowboard Trip

When it comes to planning your perfect ski or snowboard trip across the country (or globe) it can be intimidating knowing where to start. With the different mountain ranges, resorts, snow reports, etc., where do you begin? That’s where Ken and I come in. We love to plan snowboard retreats and hope we can be your guides to your perfect mountain getaway.

Here is our list of the 5 Best Tips for Planning your Perfect Ski / Snowboard Retreat:

1. Identify the experience you’re looking for: Are you looking for a 5 star experience with chalets and grand old log cabins or are you looking for a more rugged experience where the locals frequent? Or maybe you’re looking for something in between. There is no wrong answer and no bad option. By identifying the experience you are looking for, you are on the right path toward success. 

2. Choose your resort: The resort you choose to buy your lift tickets will truly guide your experience. Are you looking for a place with perfectly groomed runs, the highest vertical, a place for beginners, or maybe a place the whole family can enjoy? Make sure you discuss this, along with the abilities of those who you are traveling with in order to find a resort that will accommodate your group.

So how do you determine the experience you’re going to have based on websites of the resorts?

Check the resorts social media to get a better feel of who they are. Visit their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts to get a better understanding of the type of tourists / locals they attract. Look at their accommodations, pricing and other events happening at that location.

Once you choose your resort, the hard part is over and you get to plan the fun details of your trip.

3. What’s your time frame? Growing up in Michigan, I assumed the ski / snowboard season for the resorts out West were very similar, December - February’ish. However, this is not the case. Spring skiing / snowboarding is a lovely time to get out and break free from the chaos and crowds. We have gone to Utah and the French Alps in April to go snowboarding, it’s possible!

*A huge tip to save yourself from crowds and over spending is to avoid the holidays and holiday weekends. Get the best experience possible by planning your trip when there are less people present. This is another reason why spring season is the way to go.

4. Decide where to stay: When it comes to choosing where to stay, remember, you don’t always have to pay top dollar for the lodge associated with the resort. This has a tendency to break the bank and likely (due to convenience) will hold you captive most of your trip. The best tip I can give you is to search on VRBO (Vacation Rental by Owner) to be sure to find the most organic experience while in the mountains. There are small A-frame’s, log cabins, tiny houses and more unique lodging options available. By using VRBO you will save money and have a more ‘local’ experience.

5. What else can you do? Don’t limit yourself to just skiing or snowboarding when you travel since there is typically much more you can do while in the mountains. For example, see if your resort or rental has snowshoes or cross-country skis available. If not, is there a place nearby for your to rent equipment? Or check for a local bike shop in the town to see if they have fat bikes you can rent. This will really spice up your travels! Another one of my favorite things to do in a new town is to find local restaurants, bars and breweries to enhance your experience and get to know more about the culture of the town. 

If you ever have questions on places we have been, stayed, or recommendations on resorts, please don’t hesitate to email us. We love to help and ensure you have the best experience possible. 

January 5, 2016

Our Week in Washington

With Ken and I both starting new jobs, we’re currently limited to available vacation days. Therefore, we risked the crowds and holiday prices to take advantage of the days off we had between Christmas and New Year to travel and hit the slopes. 

This time around, Ken and I went to Mount Baker in Washington for days of snowboarding and exploring. It was the perfect getaway we both needed to play in the snow and spend time together. We chose Mount Baker this time, since it was one of the lucky resorts that got dumped on over the last few weeks and neither of us have been here before. We had been tracking the storms systems for weeks and made a last minute decision to book this trip and take advantage of the fresh snow. The snow was awesome, the mountain rugged and the sun was shining while we visited. We couldn't have asked for more perfect days nestled in the Cascade Mountain Range. After days in the mountain, we made our way south to explore Bellingham, Mercer Island and Downtown Seattle. 

Here is a photo dump of Our Week in Washington:

Ken and I take our snowboarding trips very serious. We have traveled all over exploring different mountain ranges and resorts looking for our favorite, in hope we can own a place in the mountains one day. Tomorrow, I am going to follow up this post with our recommendations for you to plan your perfect Ski / Snowboard retreat.

January 3, 2016

29 Forever

Ah, 29! The last year of my twenties, how did this happen? The last year in my twenties has to be a big year for me to be selfish, take risks and discover who I truly am. Because 30 is the deadline for figuring this shit out, right? Kidding, of course. I'm just trying to get my life together sooner rather than later.

Here are 29 goals of mine that I would like to accomplish in my 29th year.
  1. Run a Half Marathon in Minneapolis
  2. Start CycloCross Racing in Fall
  3. Compete in a Bikini Competition
  4. Canoe through Boundary Waters
  5. Read one new book a month
  6. Take a painting class
  7. Work hard on my calligraphy 
  8. Publish 200 blog posts and focus more on my blog
  9. Landscape my home (Learn how first) 
  10. Swim in 10 Minnesota Lakes
  11. Explore a state I have never visited
  12. Swim in an ocean
  13. Go on one long van trip with our Vanagon friends
  14. Spend 30 nights (minimum) in the Van
  15. Find a way to make to make a second income doing something I love
  16. Learn how to stress less and live more
  17. Discover my sense of style
  18. Spend more days taking day trips with Ken
  19. Make 5 new close friends in Minnesota 
  20. Attend 4 Minnesota Blogger Meet Ups
  21. Learn how to Longboard
  22. Practice living in the present
  23. Refine my blog 
  24. Learn how to create videos
  25. Establish an anti-aging regime 
  26. Apply for scholarships so I can afford to go back to school
  27. Visit my brother in Miami before he moves
  28. Create a new tradition with Ken
  29. Start doing yoga on a regular basis
 What advice do you have for someone rounding out their 20's?

January 2, 2016

Sugar Disruption

The number one New Year's resolution for Americans is to lose weight. I wish I knew the statistics, or precisely how many millions of Americans start the new year with this resolution and how many of those follow through. Whether it’s dropping X number of pounds, getting in shape or various other health goals, there are only few who follow through with their plans. So, why do we all make this resolution year after year? Is it vanity, or do we truly know the harm we are doing to our bodies with every bite and sip we take that makes us want to change? Based off personal experience, I’m assuming the vanity option in most cases. It wasn’t until I saw the documentary, That Sugar Film that I realized how badly my sweet tooth is hurting my overall health and I am only a minor offender. If you want to get serious about making your resolution last this year and need a slap in the face / wake up call about the harm we are doing to our bodies almost every time we eat, you must watch this documentary. 

Here is the trailer for That Sugar Film:

The moment the documentary ended, I turned to Ken and said, “We are never eating sugar again!” Since he has already seen this film, his response was, “I know.” The facts are alarming - we have the ability to prevent many long term diseases and illnesses by controlling what we eat. By giving up just a few things, including processed foods, sweets, white bread, candy and all drinks (that aren't water) you will drop weight and gain energy, confidence and mental well-being.

Watch this documentary and stay on track this year to achieve the resolution you set for yourself. I promise, it will be rewarding and make you the best version of yourself possible!