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January 3, 2016

29 Forever

Ah, 29! The last year of my twenties, how did this happen? The last year in my twenties has to be a big year for me to be selfish, take risks and discover who I truly am. Because 30 is the deadline for figuring this shit out, right? Kidding, of course. I'm just trying to get my life together sooner rather than later.

Here are 29 goals of mine that I would like to accomplish in my 29th year.
  1. Run a Half Marathon in Minneapolis
  2. Start CycloCross Racing in Fall
  3. Compete in a Bikini Competition
  4. Canoe through Boundary Waters
  5. Read one new book a month
  6. Take a painting class
  7. Work hard on my calligraphy 
  8. Publish 200 blog posts and focus more on my blog
  9. Landscape my home (Learn how first) 
  10. Swim in 10 Minnesota Lakes
  11. Explore a state I have never visited
  12. Swim in an ocean
  13. Go on one long van trip with our Vanagon friends
  14. Spend 30 nights (minimum) in the Van
  15. Find a way to make to make a second income doing something I love
  16. Learn how to stress less and live more
  17. Discover my sense of style
  18. Spend more days taking day trips with Ken
  19. Make 5 new close friends in Minnesota 
  20. Attend 4 Minnesota Blogger Meet Ups
  21. Learn how to Longboard
  22. Practice living in the present
  23. Refine my blog 
  24. Learn how to create videos
  25. Establish an anti-aging regime 
  26. Apply for scholarships so I can afford to go back to school
  27. Visit my brother in Miami before he moves
  28. Create a new tradition with Ken
  29. Start doing yoga on a regular basis
 What advice do you have for someone rounding out their 20's?