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January 2, 2016

Sugar Disruption

The number one New Year's resolution for Americans is to lose weight. I wish I knew the statistics, or precisely how many millions of Americans start the new year with this resolution and how many of those follow through. Whether it’s dropping X number of pounds, getting in shape or various other health goals, there are only few who follow through with their plans. So, why do we all make this resolution year after year? Is it vanity, or do we truly know the harm we are doing to our bodies with every bite and sip we take that makes us want to change? Based off personal experience, I’m assuming the vanity option in most cases. It wasn’t until I saw the documentary, That Sugar Film that I realized how badly my sweet tooth is hurting my overall health and I am only a minor offender. If you want to get serious about making your resolution last this year and need a slap in the face / wake up call about the harm we are doing to our bodies almost every time we eat, you must watch this documentary. 

Here is the trailer for That Sugar Film:

The moment the documentary ended, I turned to Ken and said, “We are never eating sugar again!” Since he has already seen this film, his response was, “I know.” The facts are alarming - we have the ability to prevent many long term diseases and illnesses by controlling what we eat. By giving up just a few things, including processed foods, sweets, white bread, candy and all drinks (that aren't water) you will drop weight and gain energy, confidence and mental well-being.

Watch this documentary and stay on track this year to achieve the resolution you set for yourself. I promise, it will be rewarding and make you the best version of yourself possible!