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January 10, 2016

The Burton Coalition

An Iconic Mashup 

There are two collaborations in the snowboard world right now that have men into original purpose brands very excited. It’s the coalition between Burton Snowboard and the iconic brands of Red Wing and Filson that have snowboarders in awe. All three brands are pioneers in their own category; Burton, the creator and leader in all things snowboard, Red Wing, the king of all boots and creator of the finest shoe leather and Filson, the original Outdoor men’s clothing company. While staying true to each of their identities, the brands come together creating the ultimate collaboration. 

Looking at the Filson x Burton snow jackets and pants and the Red Wing x Burton leather boots, each brand is truthfully and loyally represented without sacrificing identity, quality or materials. 

The detail in Filson Waxed-Canvas jacket and pants is made with Filson's signature fabrics, design, buttons and detail. Let's be honest, if Michigan-homeboy, Danny Davis is rockin' it - you should be too! Take a moment to get a better look at the Filson x Burton Frontier Jacket and Filson x Burton Hellbrook Pant and admire the detail in both pieces.

Now, let's look at those Red Wing Boots. Made with the finest, made in the USA leather and trademark features, these waterproof boots aren't just designed for performance but brings in a bit of classic workboot styling. Take a look at the Red Wing x Burton Ion Leather Snowboard Boot for yourself here