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February 28, 2016

5 Hidden Benefits of Blogging

Today marks our TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY of blogging! As I take the time to reflect on why I started and what I wanted to gain from blogging, I am humbled and grateful of what this hobby has done for me personally and professionally.

So, why did I start this blog? After years of working in the digital media industry, I become a digital guru in all things SEO, SEM, content marketing, html, digital advertising, etc. I was a marketing arm and marketing planner for numerous corporations in West Michigan working on the back end of sites to makes businesses more 'findable' thus more profitable. I had a wealth of knowledge in my back pocket and was completely Google certified; however, I never personally practiced it. I figured I might as well see what it's like to own a site, manage a site and optimize it for performance. So, voila, here it is!

Let's dive in a little more to the hidden benefits of blogging that no one ever talks about. Here are the Five Hidden Benefits of Blogging that I have learned over the last 2 years.

1. Your Creative Outlet: I often hear from my best gal pals that they want a more creative job or they are looking to get into more hobbies - I always tell them to start a blog. Blogging is a phenomenal way to get your thoughts, ideas, photography, design and stories beautifully arranged in a digital canvas. This platform has allowed me to create without restriction and without anyone telling me it's incorrect. After I publish a blog post I feel fulfilled and accomplished and no longer ache for that creative release.

2. Your New Network: You don't realize how many bloggers are in your community until an organization or local blogger throws an event and bloggers from all over your city get together to network. After being invited to blogger events and conferences, I have joined a network of very talented men and women who share the same hobby as I do. I have connected with these bloggers, teaming up to do photo shoots, write, collaborate and share ideas with one another have gained new friends. I feel much more connected to the community because of it.

3. Boost Your Resume: If you're a blogger and your blog is not listed on your resume, you're missing an opportunity. A blog can project talent such as marketing, branding, creative writing, design, photography, collaborations, partnerships and so much more. It also shows your future employer that you have hobbies and that you engage in your community.

4. Discover Yourself: Creative writing takes the mess in our heads and lays it all out there. I continue to learn about myself with each post I write. Through photographs, design, concepts and collaborations, I am also finding my sense of creativity and personal style.

5. Gain Confidence in Yourself: Blogging has completely pushed me out of my comfort zone and continuously challenges me to put myself out there for anyone to view and judge my life. I compare blogging to an artist (of any kind) that creates. You will constantly challenge and push yourself to be better, to get noticed and create what comes naturally. You will always gain confidence from creating.

I love this hobby and obviously love to talk about it. If you have questions about getting started or the direction to go with your blog, just ask and I will gladly help!