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May 6, 2016


BikeLife brings out the best in all of us. Take a look at Matthias, for example, who gets so excited about riding that he does high kicks to express his love.

I recently revisited my blog and realized it's been over a month since I've been blogging regularly. When I questioned myself as to why I have been on a blogging hiatus, I realize that I've been spending my nights and weekends riding all over Minneapolis and have become pretty hardcore with BikeLife. The cycling scene here in Minneapolis trumps all, making it a full-time activity for Ken and I.

As I dive deeper into the cycling world, I'm realizing all the little nuances involved in this sport and want to share all of this with you and hopefully open new doors to rides, adventures, ideas, products and more.

Get ready for the BikeLife section of Artisan Happiness!