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May 12, 2016

There Will Be Rules

Etiquette is a huge deal when it comes to cycling. Partially for safety, mostly for street-cred. As I dive deeper into the sport I am realizing how much really goes into it, aside from straight-up, riding your bike.

Yesterday, I had a long discussion with veteran cyclists about matching saddle and handlebar tape, jersey and bibs and when you can and can’t wear a cycling cap and so much more… woah! I have a lot to learn on the style front, who knew? Following the conversation, I was given the official Rule Book of how to fit in as a cyclist. Reading though the 95 rules of cycling, I realized that I have been an offender of many of these rules. I gotta get my act together here if I want to thrive in the Minneapolis cycling community. 

Take a look at the Velominati of cycling so you can be sure to follow the rules and not be a douche.  

There are also Fashion Rules that we must follow. Be sure to learn and respect these rules too:

Style Rules to Ride By

1. Socks match the kit, match the bike, match the wheels.
2. Bibs always. Shorts never.
3. Keep your junk in your pockets. Nothing looks more disheveled than a tube hanging out the back.
4. Glasses over helmet straps.
5. Six-inch socks, the way the pros do.
6. If you’re wearing arm protection, mind the gap — don’t let the bicep show between jersey sleeve and arm protection.
7. Hats are cool and all, but keep the brim down, unless you in Italy.
8. If you’re not a pro, don’t wear a pro team’s jersey.
9. Boldness equates to speed. The faster you go, the more flare you’re granted.
10. Shave the legs