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June 1, 2016

June Challange

Happy June 1st! Summer is upon us and so is getting our asses back into shape! I have a few BIG things coming up in July that I am bursting at the seams excited about and one of them involves a ton of riding in the mountains of Tahoe. With that said, I have to start riding everyday and build these legs for optimal performance. Along with biking I want to start running again so I can complete my 2nd half marathon this fall.

I am slightly behind with technology on this one, but I just started using Strava to track my rides and runs. I highly recommend if you enjoy riding or running that you use Strava to track your workouts.

My goals for June are the following:
100 miles a week for biking
10 miles a week for running

Here is the newest gear I purchased to begin my tracking. Please note: you can order both devices from your local bike shop and begin tracking your miles now! Follow me on Strava and let's cheer each other on and build miles together.

Garmin, Forerunner 25

Edge Explore 1000

All images from Garmin.com