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July 16, 2016

Cascade Falls, Wisconsin

Since this is my first summer in Minnesota, I am doing my best to get out and explore my new state. When I left the house this morning, it was my plan to drive out of the city and to Taylors Falls for an afternoon of hiking and photographing waterfalls. Perhaps, I should have done more research because when I arrived to Taylors Falls and asked around, I learned the falls were over the St. Croix river and in Osceola, WI. So, I walked around the town, grabbed a bite to eat and jumped back in the car to make my way to Osceola.

When I entered downtown Osceola, I quickly found the stairway that leads you to the falls and made my way down. The waterfall was simple but beautiful. I tried to hike to the St. Croix river for further exploration but with the heavy amounts of rain over the past week, the river had flooded bring my hike to a halt. My time here was short and sweet but I am happy to have made my way into Wisconsin to see the Cascade Falls.