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July 27, 2016

Free Falling

Photo from Skydive TruckeeTahoe

With my feet dangling out of the plane, I hear Ellis yell, “Here we go!” He throws his body out of the plane with me attached; I grab on to my harness as tight as possible, arch my back, lift my chin and squeezed my knees and ankles together – I'm free falling at 10,000 feet.

I expected my stomach to rise to my throat – G-Force – the way it does on a roller coaster, but not one side effect kicked in.  Somehow I remained completely calm and was able to take it all in. Overlooking Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe and the Sierra’s around me, I enjoyed the landscape and beauty from a whole new perspective.

Ellis tapped my shoulders twice, which was my cue to open my arm and fly. With our arms out as wide as possible, “woos” echoing from each other and smiles across our faces, I was skydiving over one of the most beautiful places in the US.

When the parachute was pulled, everything turned silent. It was silence the way I had never experienced before and something unexpected. The fall felt like 15 minutes, from the calmness and observation I had been experiencing, hard to believe it was only about 90 seconds. As we got closer to the ground, Ellis let me take hold of the parachute and steer us down a bit. Ellis' feet touched first as we made a running landing. It was perfect, the whole experience was perfect. 

I can officially cross skydiving off my bucket list. Thank you Ellis and Skydive Truckee Tahoe for making my first Skydive experience amazing. One jump in and I am addicted. Planning my next skydiving trip with Ken and my brother - Skydive Utah, here we come! :)