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July 28, 2016

Lake Tahoe, Hidden Beach

While out in California on a business trip, I made the most of my one free day by skydiving, then making my way to Lake Tahoe to explore a beach. I asked my Uber driver for advice on his favorite beaches and activities to do around town and he recommended I stop at Hidden Beach. So, I made that my destination and was dropped off at the Scenic Overlook (right off Highway 28) in Incline Village to begin my hike to Hidden Beach. It was a mile hike along the coast of Lake Tahoe filled with the most beautiful views and heights to overlook the blues and greens of the crystal clear lake water.

Once I made my way to the beach I kicked my shoes off to walk in the sand and dip my toes in the water. Being one of the only people on the beach, I chose to remove my shorts and tank, strip down to my skivvies and took a dip in a little pool surrounded by tons of rocks. Swimming through the crystal clear waters with mountains all around me was the most beautiful and peaceful thing I had done.

What a day! It feels so good to feel alive!

Lake Tahoe is unbelievable, I will find a way to visit again, soon!

Check out the images from my hike and my views at Hidden Beach!
Music by: Dustin Lee