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August 7, 2016

Gone (Sel)fishing

Photo from Campgroundsigns.com

Life is a never ending journey of learning lessons. Unfortunately, sometimes those lessons are learned in a painful, humiliating and sabotaging manner. Regardless of how hard we get slapped across the face, I believe the way in which we recover and what we do with these valuable lessons will shape our future.

After a very difficult week and taking time to reflect, I realize I need to make serious changes in my life and get selfish about my goals, dreams and personal well-being. So, if you need me, you will notice I'm not around; I've Gone (Sel)Fishing. What this means to me is I am setting boundaries around "friends", eliminating extra curricular activities and focusing that extra time and attention on myself.

I am making the most of this hurtful lesson and using it as my fuel to get my college applications in, set longterm goals for myself and realize what's most important in life. I have never been more excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and can't wait to see all that comes from this.

*Every set back it a setup for a comeback*

Thank you Ken for being there for me this week, helping me through this and being the strongest support system anyone could ask for.