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August 14, 2016

Powderhorn 24

Photo by Saisha Harris

This past Friday, I teamed up with 5 other girls to compete in a 24 hour relay race through Minneapolis. We were joined by 580 other Minneapolis cyclist riding solo, in teams and completing tandem. The goal of the Powderhorn 24 is to see who can complete the most laps within the 24 hours with bonus stops being a wildcard for teams to stack on extra points. 

Our bonus stops were hosted by local artists and local businesses and also included a dance party, arts and crafts and finding a cyclists carrying pizza and taking a slice as checkpoint. This was a great community focused event for cyclist to engage with local establishments and other cyclists throughout the community. 

The Greenway (Minneapolis' bike highway) and neighborhood streets turned into a big party during this event, so while waiting your turn to ride, there was more than enough to do to stay busy. There were tents set up along the entire route, music and people everywhere and local neighbors doing their part by cheering us on and handing out snacks and drinks along the way. 

It truly is Minneapolis' cycling community that drives this city. There is never a shortage of cycling events or comradery throughout the city. Love this city and all the people I have met along the way from riding.