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September 12, 2016

Salsa Ride Camp

Photos by: Scott Haraldson

In the Northwoods of Wisconsin is where I spent my weekend with over 250 other cyclist to get away from our busy lives and connect most with the passion we all had in common, riding. With no distractions, just bikes and the great outdoors, we spent our weekend exploring the north woods the best way possible.

Adventure by Bike, as Salsa's tagline and mission reads, was only the beginning of the journey - with organized group riding options in bikepacking, flyfishing, mountain biking, gravel rides and endless other outdoor activities, we were given the opportunity to choose our own adventure and you better believe I chose mine wisely.

At night, things slowed down a bit as Salsa sponsored riders shared their latest stories of rides, races and adventures. After presentations and photos were shared,  the masses surrounded the fire pits with local brews in our hands, as we shared our own personal stories or cycling.

It was great to be removed from everyday conveniences and 'rough' it for 3 days and 2 nights with tent camping, outhouses, no electricity and 1 barrel of water.

The highlight of my camping experience was riding a fat bike out to the river to learn how to flyfish. With all my gear on my handlebars, I made my way to fresh water, changed shoes and spent hours in the river working the line.

To learn more about Ride Camp and how you can participle next year, visit Salsa Ride Camp.