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October 30, 2016

Appsolutely Nike+ Training

Holy Sh*t! I feel like I've just discovered the Holy Grail of fitness! Have you heard of the Nike+ Training App? If not, stop what you are doing and download this FREE app now. It truly is the ultimate personal trainer that designs workouts for you based on where you are in your fitness journey right now. With over 100 workouts you will constantly be challenging your body and switching it up to keep your muscles guessing.

The workouts are broken down by Strength, Endurance and Mobility then branch off from there. If you know what you are looking for (i.e. abs, legs, run ready yoga, etc.) you can dive into it that way or follow your plan. From plyometrics, lifting and yoga - you will find your perfect workout here.

The best part about it is, if you travel, this app will become your best friend. You can choose from No-Equipment workouts, short workouts or whatever you have available while traveling. No excuses anymore!

I am two workouts in and already enjoying this app. Each move is broken down by technique, tips, time and motivation making it easy to follow and do correctly.

 I cannot wait to see how this app helps me in my fitness journey.